Term of Use

Dear customer, welcome to the English version of China United Network Communications Limited  ("China Unicom") Online Store. To become a user of China Unicom English version of Online Store you shall carefully read, understand and then agree the following terms and conditions of this Agreement (collectively the “Terms”)


  • The term this website refers to this English version of China United Network Communications Co., Ltd ("China Unicom") Online Store, the website is shop.chinaunicom.com/.
  • “The user or you” refers to any natural person, legal person and any other organization, entity, who agrees to abide by the agreement, finish the registration process, and has the login ID and password of the website.
  • “User information” means to the information submitted by any user when registered on this website and the information generated when any user browses and uses this website.
  • “User registration” refers to the process that any user log in the website, submit the required information, and execute the agreement.
  • “User registration information” refers to the information submitted by any user when registered on this website, also including subsequent modification by the same user after authentication.
  • “User instruction” means user’s applications and requirements put forward in the form of data message to this website, including but not limited to applications and requirements submitted by any user for service, modification or cancellation of service which this website can provide, otherwise specially specified or required in the context of this agreement.
  • The term customer service / product agreement refers to the agreement or contract that executed between user and China Unicom concerning telecommunication service, which in accordance with the provision and rules of China United Network Communications.
  • “Customer service” refers to business publicity, business query, business processing, top-up, online sales provided by this website based on Internet.

Confirmation and acceptance of the agreement

  • Important: please read the terms carefully before User registration, if you disagree with any clause, any part of this agreement or this agreement as a whole, you may choose not to register to be a user on this website.
  • By clicking “Agree” button, you are regarded as having already read this agreement and agreeing to be bound by all the terms and any amendments and/or supplements to terms made by China Unicom from time to time on this website.
  • This website has the right to modify and/or supplement the terms of the Agreement when necessary. In case of modification and/or supplement, the modification and/or supplement shall be reminded on important webpages. If you do not agree to the modification and/or supplement, you may cancel your account actively. If continue to enjoy the services provided by this website, it is deemed to accept the amendment and/or supplement to the terms.
  • This website has the right to alter, upgrade, modify and assign this website and/or its related function any time at China Unicom’s discretion. The website has the right to develop further new functions or other languages services on this website. Except as otherwise specified on this website, this agreement also apply to the provisions of newly-developed functions and/or services.

Service content

  • This website shall offer services in accordance with this agreement and the relevant regulations. This website guarantees the legitimacy of all the services it provides, and makes commercially reasonable effort to maintain its operation of online services and transactions based on the current available technology. This website also strives to enhance and improve the technology to make online services and transactions go on smoothly.
  • Customer services provided by this website include user registration, login, security exit, retrieving password, modifying passwords and history orders searching; this website has the right to adjust customer service content and its details accordingly.
  • This website only provides network services. Any fees paid for communication equipment related to network services (such as a computer, modem and other devices related to access the Internet) and communication service (such as payment for Internet access and circuit or bandwidth rent) shall be afforded and paid by the user.
  • The user shall acknowledge and confirm the third-party services may contain on this website. This website provides functional modules for such third -party services only for the user's convenience. If any user wants to use these services, the user shall reach an agreement with the third-party and pay such third-party service; the user shall take any possible risk from such third-party service. This website does not provide any warranty and guarantee of such third party services.

Code of use

  • The user guarantees authenticity, correctness and completeness of user's identity when register; if user’s ID information changes, the user shall modify the registered information on this website in time. This website has no responsible for the damage, loss or suffering caused by untrue, false, inaccurate and/or incomplete information, outdated data or information and/or the loss of login account identification and/or password for the account. If the user provides any false, untrue, inaccurate, outdated and/or incomplete information, or this website has reasonable grounds to suspect such information is false, untrue, inaccurate, outdated and/or incomplete, this website has right to suspend, cancel or terminate user's account and reject all or part of current or future use of the service. China Unicom and this website has right to access to the user's information, data and related operations on this website. If any question or doubt on the registration information, data and/or related operations, China Unicom and this website have the right to query and require the user to correct or the right to delete such information, data and/or operation directly.
  • User’s login and password are the unique identification for user to log in this website. In order to enjoy services provided by this website, you shall input correct login account and password as required. You shall keep your login account and password safe and secret. You may modify the password. This website shall not bear any responsibility for any result and/or damage caused by the loss or forgetting the login account and/or password, or by other’s stealing and illegitimately using the login account and/or password. If personal information especially login account and/or password disclosure without user’s consent, user had better contact this website as soon as user knows the unauthorized disclosure.
  • The user must abide by the following principles when using network services provided this website:
    • (a)Abiding by the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China;
    • (b)It is forbidden to use network services system provided by this website for any illegal purpose;
    • (c)Abiding by all network agreements, regulations and procedures related to network services;
    • (d)Refraining from selling, reselling, reproducing and developing the license to use this website authorized by this agreement;
    • (e) It is forbidden to imitate products and services provided by China Unicom for commercial purpose;
    • (f) It is forbidden to duplicate and/or imitate China Unicom’s design concept, interface, function, chart, documentation, software, trademark, FLASH, design, pattern, video, graphics, animation, art, etc.;
    • (g) It is forbidden to tamper with the network service and/or content on this website and also forbidden to produce derivative works and/or products based on the network service and content without permission of China Unicom;
    • (h) It is forbidden to send and/or upload information which violate laws, regulations, are prohibited by information industry and/or China Unicom, injure public interests or contradict public morals; Refraining from sending, uploading and saving scripts, programs and other harmful computer code carried with viruses, worms, Trojans;
    • (i)It is forbidden to do anything that may have adverse impact on normal operating of Internet via this website;
    • (j) Shall not use this website to transmit information including but not limited to text, software, music, photographs, graphics, video or other content which are unlawful, harmful, threatening, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, infringing on privacy, racially discriminatory or offensive;
    • (k) Shall not harm or endanger the minors in any way;
    • (l) Shall not impersonate on this website any person or organization; shall not lie or misrepresent on this website so as to make people mistakenly believe you are related to the person or the organization.
  • The user must login and use this website through the system designated by China Unicom. China Unicom and this website shall not responsible for the consequences if user login or use this website by other means. China Unicom shall not responsible for the dispute between user and third party if user uses any service provided by third party.
  • The user consents to be responsible for all the consequences caused by using services on this website. The user shall fully compensate for damage, cost, charges and expense of China Unicom and/or third party, including attorney’s fees and legal fees and expense charged by any court or arbitration tribunal if user’s behavior on this website leads to China Unicom or any third party assume responsibility for such behavior.

Privacy Protection

  • This website guarantee not to disclosure registration information or non-disclosure information saved on this website to the public or any third party except for the following circumstances:
    • (a)Specifically authorized by user in advance;
    • (b)If and to the extent required by laws, regulations;
    • (c)If and to the extent required by relevant government authority;
    • (d)For the public interest;
    • (e)For legitimate rights and interests of this website or other users;
    • (f)Disclosure caused by force majeure;;
    • (g)Personal information disclosure caused by objective situation that shall not attribute to this website;
    • (h)Personal information disclosure due to the limitation and/or incompetence of the function and capacity of hardware and software which support the operation of this website;
    • (i)Personal information disclosure which is believed to be in accordance with interests of this website and the user;
  • This website has right to analyze entire user database and use it on the condition of not disclosing single user’s information.
  • This website will establish reasonable security system, including identification system and internal security system in its network system, to keep user data integrated and confidential. Users shall understand and agree that technology is continually updated and this website cannot put an end to all insecurity factors; this website will update system as soon as possible and maintain the network and related data. Learn more about privacy protection, please see the section titled “Privacy Policy”

Service Alteration, Interruption or Termination

  • If need to suspend network service for system maintenance or upgrading purpose, this website will be notified in advance as soon as possible.
  • This website has the power and right to determine whether your behavior meets the requirements of this website. If any of the following events (including but not limited to) occurs, this website has the right unilaterally to terminate customer service for you without any notification and you shall be responsible for and compensate for China Unicom’s or this website’s all damages caused by such event (including but not limited to):
    • (a)Registration information provided by you is untrue, false and/or inaccurate;
    • (b)The user violates code of use or regulations set forth in this agreement and this website;
    • (c)The user fails to pay full amount on time to China Unicom or this website;
    • (d)Service number the user bound to this website or the user account is cancelled;
    • (e)The user violates any other clause in this agreement and fails to remedy within 10 working days after receiving the written notice of China Unicom.
  • As the termination of this agreement, this website will terminate any and all service for you immediately. Since then, this website shall no longer remain any of your information saved in your account and be not responsible to send any unread or unsent information to you and/or any designated recipient.
  • Notwithstanding the termination of this agreement, the user’s payment obligations which occurred prior to termination are still valid and shall not be deemed to be exempted.
  • Notwithstanding the termination of this agreement, the user’s instructions prior to the termination shall not be revoked and still remain valid, also the legal consequences of the transactions prior to the termination shall not be eliminated.
  • This website has the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate part or all network services any time without prior notice. If do so, China Unicom and this website shall not be responsible for damages that suffered by the user or any third party and caused by the interruption, suspend and termination.

Intellectual Property

  • China Unicom has copyright, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property of this website, including but not limited to various documentation, software, trademarks, FLASH, design, graphics, video, photography, animation, art and so on. Other rights not mentioned in this agreement also are reserved by China Unicom.
  • Both the abbreviation of China Unicom and any mark, sign and symbol related to China Unicom are China Unicom's intellectual property and protected by Copyright Law, Trademark Law and other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized copying, imitation, using or publishing aforementioned identification is forbidden.
  • The user shall not, without prior written consent of China Unicom, implement, use and/or assign the aforementioned intellectual property rights by themselves or license to any third party for any profit or non-profit purpose.


  • This website shall not be responsible for any damages to the user or any third party caused by interruption of communication or operation of network system, technical failures, computer error or viruses, information loss or other reasons beyond the reasonable control of this website.
  • China Unicom shall not guarantee that this website will be uninterrupted or error in the operation, also shall not guarantee all defects will be corrected and meet all the requirements of the user.
  • This website shall not guarantee that all the network services they provide shall meet all the user's requirements, nor guarantee network services will not be interrupted during the use; also no guarantee and any implied and express warranty for the timeliness of network services, security and accuracy. If abnormal interruption or other technical failures due to this website happen and China Unicom is legally responsible for such event, users shall agree not to claim for compensation exceed the total charges by China Unicom under this agreement.
  • The user expressly agrees that you shall bear entirely risks by themselves during using services on this website; all the consequences during using services on this website are borne by themselves, China Unicom will take no responsibility for such risks and consequences.
  • The user agrees that China Unicom has no responsibility for all the delay, inaccuracies, errors and/or omissions when users or any third party transfer or communicate any time on this website.
  • Within the sphere permitted by law, neither party is not required to take responsibilities for data loss and/or damage, and any relevant indirect, incidental, special, consequential damage and loss (including but not limited to the profit loss, business interruption, loss of business information and goodwill or other economic loss).
  • Both parties acknowledge that the terms of this agreement are voluntarily agreed. Both sides fully understand the consequences of these provisions and further acknowledge the rationality of this agreement.

Links of this website

  • Links on this website extend to other website irrelative to China Unicom: In some cases, this website will provide links to other webpages or websites irrelative to China Unicom. These links will lead you to third parties’ webpages and websites which are not China Unicom's partners or cooperation agencies or have any contact with China Unicom. China Unicom offers such links on this website, only for the user to browse and reference. China Unicom make commercially reasonable efforts to select reputable websites and sources to facilitate the user. However, unless China Unicom expressly stated that it has a cooperative relationship with the third party, as for providing third parties’ websites or webpages linked on this website, China Unicom is not deemed to endorse, recommend, approve, guarantee or advertising any third parties or any their services and products, shall not be regarded as China Unicom has cooperative relationship with such third party as well.
  • Links on this website to other websites of China Unicom: This website also contains links to other websites of China Unicom for your convenience. Products and services offered by other websites of China Unicom are only available to person who is being or has residence in the same jurisdictions as such respective website. Other websites of China Unicom may provide their own terms of use, which terms may differ from each other, please carefully review the applicable terms of use before you use related websites.
  • Links of other websites to this website: written consent of China Unicom shall be obtained to build a link in any way from third party website to this website, China Unicom has the right to decide whether approve the establishment of the link at its sole discretion. Any approval of China Unicom to establish such link shall not be deemed as China Unicom has any cooperative relationship with the third party and its website and guarantee or provide any implied and express warranty for the third party and its website. China Unicom shall not be responsible for any damages, loss and suffering, which caused by such link, to you or third parties. For any plain text or any form of link approved by China Unicom, China Unicom reserves the right to revoke approval any time and remove, delete any links to this website.

Force Majeure

Force majeure means all the unforeseen events and its results and impact such as hacker attacking, government regulation or network communication failure or paralysis; the parties to the agreement shall, through consultations, in accordance with the effects of force majeure on the performance of the agreement, decide whether to terminate the agreement, exempt the part of under this agreement or delay the performance of the agreement.

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of People's Republic of China (except laws of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). In case of a particular event lack of clear legal provisions, it shall refer to universal international business practices and/or trade practice.
  • If disputes arises between both sides out of the agreement execution, performance, validity or interpretation, both parties shall endeavor to resolve the matter through friendly negotiation. If both parties fail to settle such dispute, any party has the right to file a suit with the People’s Court for litigation in the jurisdiction where China Unicom is located.


Unless the prior written consent of this website, the user shall not assign any rights or/and obligations hereunder to any third party.


  • This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between users and China Unicom regarding using this website, and shall supersede any written or verbal consensus reached by and between you and China Unicom with respect to the same matter.
  • If any provision of the agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be deleted and the remaining provisions shall remain valid and be enforced.
  • Headings are for reference purposes only and in no way define, limit, construe or describe the scope or extent of such section.
  • Silence, lateness to invoke or the waiver by this website of a breach of, or a default under, any of the provisions of this Agreement, or the failure of this website, on one or more occasions, to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement or to exercise any right or privilege hereunder, shall not thereafter be construed as a waiver of the user’s any subsequent breach or default of a similar nature, or as a waiver of any such provision, right, or privilege hereunder.