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8 available service plans include data packages from 800MB to 11GB and voice packages from 200 minutes to 3000 minutes.Allow you to enjoy the service plan options and benefits like a local user.

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Monthly fee : NoneCNY

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  1. Worry free data spending cap; extra data (beyond plan) costs only 60 CNY per GB. (Data tariff for first 200MB is 0.3 CNY/MB, thereafter is 60 CNY/GB)
  2. Tariff outside plan: domestic call 0.15 CNY/min, SMS and MMS 0.1 CNY/message.
  3. Once data spending reaches 600 CNY, no more charges will be applied for using data. However, data service will be suspended automatically once total data usage reaches 15GB monthly. Data service will be resumed next calendar month.
  4. Once monthly data usage reaches 40GB, data service will be automatically suspected for the calendar month; Data service will be resumed next month.