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Declaration of Security Management

The English version of China Unicom Online Store ( is China Unicom’s official ecommerce website, focusing on serving international visitors in China. China Unicom is committed to the privacy and security of your information. All data that we collect and process is stored on servers located in People’s Republic of China, which laws may not provide an equivalent level of data protection to your home jurisdiction. There are no perfect security measures on the Internet, although we do have.

Declaration of Privacy Protection

China Unicom shall not disclosure user’s registration information and confidential information saved on China Unicom online store without authorization of the user, unless to the extent required by laws, relevant authority, order by court. Based on the good faith of China Unicom, China Unicom may disclose your personal information when it considers necessary in any of the following events:

  • In compliance with laws and any legal service procedures of China Unicom.
  • To protect ownership of China Unicom trademark.
  • To protect privacy security of users of this website and/or general public.
  • In accordance with other related requirements.

We shall keep improving the privacy policy. We shall keep upgrading the privacy policy while extending the service scope of this website. “Private policy” is inalienable part of this agreement.

Types of Information Collected

Personal information including your name, billing address, email address, contact telephone number, products and services purchased by you from this website and payment details. This information is personal information associated with you.

Anonymous information. Information on how you use this website to help us develop and improve it, including details of your domain name and Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system, browser version, cookie details, how long you stayed on a webpage, the route you took to navigate through the webpages and the records for navigating history on our site. Please note that this information is anonymous and only used in the aggregate - it is not personal information associated with you as a specific person.

Use of Collected Information

China Unicom uses the information it collects to provide you with the China Unicom English Online Store services, as well as to personalize your visit to this website and to help us review, develop and improve the products and services we offer. This website may monitor and record e-mails and other communications between you and China Unicom for service quality purposes and to review requests for specific transaction. We may share your information with third parties we engage with to perform services on our behalf. For example, we may share related logistics information, fulfilling and delivering packages, receiving packages, enabling access to affiliated business websites etc. However, we will not sell or loan your information to third parties unless we obtain your permission in advance.

Protection of Collected Information

China Unicom will protect the personal information you provide in accordance with the industrial standard. Any information you send to this website is encrypted by security technology. This helps protect your information from being intercepted and misused by third parties when it is traveling over the Internet. When this website receives your information, it is stored on a secure server and is only read by authorized personnel. Please be aware that although this website takes steps to create a secure environment for your personal information, this website cannot guarantee the security of any personal information you transmit online. This website will make reasonable attempts to notify you if there is a security breach involving your personal information which results in a risk of identity theft or other legal problems. Please note that you are responsible for keeping your password and account secure and you should not disclose it to anyone (unless you want to authorize them to access your account and incur charges on your account).

Management Requirements for conducts of use information by the user

The user is fully responsible for information released by himself. The user’s conducts of using service and information shall be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations at national, local and international level. The user shall comply with the following provisions:

  • Transmitting of technical information to overseas shall be in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.
  • Shall not use the service of this website for illegal purpose.
  • Shall not obstruct or disrupt network service.
  • Shall be bound by networking protocol, provision, procedure and convention of network service.

The user shall not to transmit any information that is illegal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, etc. The user shall not transmit information that may abet other people to commit crime; shall not transmit information that may be harmful to the public interests and/or national security of China; shall not transmit information that doesn’t conform to local, national and international laws. It is forbidden to access illegally to other people’s computer system without permission. China Unicom may cancel user account at his discretion if the user’s behavior doesn’t conform to the above provisions. The user shall bear legal liability for his behavior. If the user transmits information that is reactionary, pornographic or violating laws, the record of such behavior by the system of China Unicom may be presented as evidence to proof the user’s violation law and shall be delivered to regulatory authorities and judicial authorities when they require.

Browser Cookies

Browser cookies are small pieces of text (generally enciphered) stored by your Internet browser on the hard drive of the computer when you access website and it can record your ID, password and webpages you have browsed. This website uses cookies combined with the information you have provided to make a better experience available to you when you return. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies, although you can choose not to. If you disable browser cookies from your browser, you will not be able to create a shopping basket or place an order. For more information about managing and disabling browser cookies, you should refer to your Internet browser's help section or user guide.

Links to Other Websites

The website may provide access to other third-party websites by linking to them. This website is not responsible for the privacy policies (including data protection and cookies), content or security of linked websites.


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